rain, presents, and prayer

I love the way I get to witness the Father at work at Gabriel House. First of all, just being here causes me to look at life differently. Second of all, His hand at work challenges me to pursue Him greater and to trust Him as a first nature.

Today was a rainyish day so none of the kids could go out to play. Default: I did activities with all of them in the kitchen. Really that’s not that big of a deal, but I think it may have been the idea that they couldn’t go outside and I was trying to do crafts with all the kids that go to school… just about the time I was praying Jesus I need an extra measure of peace and patience, a group arrived. Praise the Lord for groups on rainy days. On any days really. Nevertheless, the ladies care for the kids every day. So if you are ever thinking of what you might should pray for… pray for them.

Then I wrapped what we could put together for the kids for Christmas to have under the tree… trying to stretch everything so that each kid would have at least something even if it’s just a pair or two of socks. But the Lord says do not worry about tomorrow about what you will eat or drink or wear. Today’s got enough worries of its own (thirty something at Gabriel House). Tonight a group showed up with a HUGE blessing and is bringing over a hundred gifts tomorrow! That’s in addition to the church that is bringing gifts and some other group that came by with more too!

Tonight, Lupita Alveola, one of the ladies, was sick with a cold, so the kids and I laid our hand on her and prayed for the Lord to heal her. With her childlike faith Nene wanted to pray for her again and then proceeded to lay her hand on first Ely and pray for her, then Chely and pray for her. Ummm…. I’ll take that.


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