Praise the Lord for…

A couple that has been coming since this summer and some of her friends that came to bring gifts for the kids yesterday: awesome stuffed animals for every kid and gifts for every lady! Can’t help but love the way generosity puts a smile on every face and the joy of the Lord sustains it.

Walking in on Luz having Teddy read Bible Stories to the rest of the boys… with sound effects. He rawred at least six times to get it right 🙂  What more can you really ask for than someone that is discipling the kids and is able to pull 9 wide range boys in???

A church filled with children. FILLED as in packed out. Every kid was fed spiritually and physically and given a toy. They wanted us to bring all of ours but we limited it to 9. It was great.

Watching Toy Story 3 with the kids curled up around me before bed. It’s so simple, but something we take forgranted.  

The hearts of the boys and their everpresent desires to pray and worship. Wanna listen to worship music and praise God for a bit? YEAH! Wanna pray together for GH? YEAH! And when I forget…. Well they don’t.

Sonia. Obiviously I want to praise the Lord for all the kids, but since I blogged about Sonia previously asking for prayer, I  jsut wanna parise the Lord that He continues to sustain her. Please continue to pray for her! She is such a joy and light to be around!


One response to “Praise the Lord for…

  • Holly Jenkins

    Hanna, I hope you are having a wonderful time in Mexico. What a blessing and light of Christ you are to all you touch. Have a safe trip home, and a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

    In Christ,

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