Men of God

Walking down the road toward Casa Gabriel today, it all seemed so familiar—so normal—almost as if no time had passed. But as I approached the col-de-sac, I couldn’t help but think of all that has happened in the last 4 months and all that the Lord has done. So though I may walk down the same road, that which I walk with the Lord is far from where it was when I last walked toward Casa Gabriel. And for that I am so grateful.

In some ways, so much has changed: the building, add two more kids, pet dog…. but in othere like the personalities of kids… nothing has changed at all. Simply put, they are still the same awesome kids. The only difference I’ve noticed was that their passion for the Lord has only grown more and more in the last couple months. Spending time with the boys tonight, we did ‘encouragements.’ One of the things I love about kids is they are just plain honest. They were precious coming up with things they liked about one another. Our encouragements consisted of everything from he has strong hands to he loves going to church and praying to he only hits the other kids and not me. Priceless. Even better though is listening to them pray. If only all of you could witness it—the hearts of these kids are absolutely pure and their faith is like nothing I have ever seen. What men of God we have here.


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