Pause and praise Him.

In the midst of finals, and as I get ready for Christmas, I thought I would just pause for a moment and praise the Lord.

I have so much to praise Him for.

The last couple weeks have been filled with joy and the Lord cultivating in me an overall spirit of gratitude. It truly has been an amazing experience as He sheds light on the blessings He has given me (so so many), draws me closer to Him, and fills me up with more of Him. I am so excited to see where He is leading me!

I sit at my computer with my anatomy book to my left. Less than 24 hours from now, I will be FINISHED with that class. Praise Him.

In four days I will be back at Gabriel House for a week to spend some time with everyone there. Praise Him.

I get to celebrate the holiday with my whole family gathered together under one roof. Praise Him.

Seven and a half months ago the Lord healed me of migraines, so I may persevere through finals without any worry or pain! Praise Him.

I live in a home where we can laugh and cry and dance and be serious and love one another as sisters in Christ. Praise Him.

I am forgiven and free by the grace and love of Jesus Christ. My eternity is secure. Praise Him.

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