A few things Im thankful for…

A day late but just as thankful nevertheless…

Thankful for hot tea while Im studying, fresh baked goodies made by my roommate, and microwaveable meals when life’s going too fast to cook, for hand picked flowers and refrigerator worthy crafts. Im thankful for early mornings with Jesus and late nights enriching my mind at Moody, for a Baylor education and the sports that bring laughter, cheers, and unity beneath the green and gold.

I’m thankful for conversation over coffee sitting outside common grounds, afternoons spent walking the bear trail, and mornings biking through Cameron Park. I’m thankful for naps in the sun, evenings gazing at the stars, and nights watching movies til I fall asleep; for cool mornings that require a jacket and warm afternoons quenched by an ice cold soda.

Thankful for the nights spent praying with kids in Mexico, goodnight kisses, and good morning hugs, for park days and church days, cooking days and pool days. I’m thankful for kids that love Jesus and people that love kids.

I’m thankful for the pictures that are worth 10,000 words and memories and moments to fit in them.

I’m thankful for the hard times that draw me closer to the heart of God and the easy times that teach me discipline to pursue Him, for the men and women and children of God who walk with me, love me, encourage me, and challenge me.

I’m thankful for uncontrollable laughter that comes from the depths of your belly and tears that fall on the shoulder of a friend. I’m thankful for community. Thankful for family. For friends. For the fullness of life.

But more than anything I am thankful for the love of my Jesus—for His love, grace, and mercy that is new every morning. Thankful for a God that is my rock, my refuge and my hiding place, just the same as my joy. I am thankful.

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