Yes, I am in Waco.

But just as I still love and pray for everyone here when I am in Mexico, I still care greatly about all the kids.

And I continue to hear about the ways the Lord is working at Gabriel House as well as the needs there.

The church in Mexico is rising up to help out. The house where the school and offices are has been paid off. A new roof has been put on the boys’ dorm.

Praise Him. For Our God is a God of provision who takes care of His children.

He tell us that if we ask we will receive. And He is faithful in this. He tells us that if we beleive that we will receive whatever we ask for in prayer. And He tells us that if two or more who are gathered in His name ask for something so it shall be done. Has this not been so? What a good and faithful God we have.

So once again I ask you to go before Him with us on behalf of those at Gabriel House.

Sonia is sick.

Our God is a God of healing.

But from a place of honesty I don’t always know how to pray for these kids in this position. To pray for healing? Or to take them home?

And then I remember that the Spirit intercedes for us in groans we do not understand.

And I think of the prayers of Irene. She would just repeat one word over and over but what passion and what fruit we saw.

Dear Lord, Sonia. Sonia. Sonia. Sonia. Sonia. Sonia. Sonia. Amen.

So I ask you to pray for Sonia.

But beyond that I ask you to pray for Gabriel House. Put a sticky note on your desk, in your car, on your mirror.

– Pray for the kids, the leadership, the ladies.

– Pray for nurses and therapists and missionaries to come down


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