rich life.

Okay. So I am successfully failing at blogging.

There is just always so much going on and so little time to write anything… or when I finally have a free moment-well it either gets filled up or its time for bed. Nevertheless I love it.

I love the hustle and bustle of my busy-full life. I love the juggling act of school, church, and community, Blake, Special Needs, and Be The Change. Earlier this week I even got in a running phase! (it only lasted one day though as I caught a cold that night and haven’t been able to run since then)

What I love the most though is how in the midst of my hectic days, God meets me. He challenges me. He loves me. He calls me out. He encourages me. Through His word, through the Holy Spirit, and through community. So my busy days turn into full days. And the peace of the Lord falls. Purpose fills each moment and my time here becomes so rich.

I learn from a godly man I am dating what it looks like to persevere and am reminded from an older man that can hardly spell his name that we are all brothers and sisters in Christ. That we are. I learn from my professors about the mind and the body and can’t help but think to myself does not the work of an artist always reflect the hands of its maker? And from the women of God with whom I walk in community, I learn vulnerability, humility, and what it means to live for Kingdom.

This life here… its rich.


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