God is at work here.

Yes. I do plan to continue blogging now back at school. My hope is that the stories I have shared about the kids, church, people that have ministered to me, and the way the Lord is moving in my life and in those around me would serve as a testimony to just that. He is constantly at work in and around each of us! Now, my failure to blog… well that is just the result of a life so full and a to do list so long that the hours in the day seem to escape me.

However, God is good and I want to praise Him for what He’s doing here…

1. In the short time I had I was able to spend time with my parents, family friends, and grandparents.

2. The life group I am in has such a rich sense of community and is growing like crazy!

3. We have already had one interest meeting for Special Needs Ministry and are excited about the passion of those that want to get involved. We also got to speak in a class about what we are doing at Baylor and in Waco!

4. Not only did I make it through the GRE but the Lord gave me such a feeling for what it is like to study while having kids (while at Gabriel House) and heart for single moms in school-im excited to see what He does with that.

5. I have awesome roommates that love the Lord and encourage and lift one another up. And challenge each other. Like in P90X.

6. My boyfriend is an amazing man of God that uplifts me and is given to pursing God’s will wholeheartedly.

7. I am receiving an amazing education and getting to see the Lord work in the lives of those around me all the time!

With all this said. I got to be a part of God working at Gabriel House. But He is at work here too. Same God. Same awesome stuff. Praise Him. Im stoked.

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