Teacher that was taught.

This summer I taught school, I did therapy, I discipled children, I loved on them, I prayed with them, and I parented them. But if I didn’t speak to what the children did and who they are—to how I see Jesus in them—I would be leaving out so much of the work God is creating at Gabriel House and in my life.

First of all let me point out that these children love Jesus sooooo much. All of them. Every. Single. One.

And you can see it in Tono and Alex in their willingness and desire to serve others in all things whether feeding children, washing dishes, or swatting flies. Jose loves the babies and cares for them with the heart of our Father in heaven. Nene has taught me what it looks like to be persistent. Some may say it’s a bad thing, but she is so persistent in her prayers and sees the fruit of them from a Father who hears the request of His daughter. Josue and Ruben love and worship without any inhibition. They run to meet with hugs and dance in church trying to pull everyone in. Successfully. He works through children to bring others into a deeper place of intimacy with Him. Not only that, but their zeal for the Word of God—to run to my house through my door to find the Bible. And fight over it. I learn so much from them. And then there is the pure joy of Jaime and Victor and Betzy seen by the way they throw their heads back in laughter, the most beautiful smiles across their faces. Joy radiates. They have taught me how to laugh. I love joking around with Ely. Her encouraging, but hilarious sassiness, accompanied by the patient wisdom of Chly and the gentleness of Sonja. Words aren’t necessary. The presence of the Holy Spirit in their lives is so obvious. And oh the boldness and patient perseverance of Thelma and Esmerelda. I can always see Jesus in the contentness and happiness of Jose Ramon and Kimberly alongside the sweetness of Darryl. Likewise when Ivon is on the floor playing with toys, she lights up and you can see that same happiness, contentness, and sweetness. Meanwhile the desire to share the gospel of Teddy and the wisdom of Marcos always blows me away. The desires of these two boys for more of Him is great—more knowledge, more understanding.  More. And their questions. Right on. And anytime I would hold Lidia, Eymie, or Mimi I don’t know how to explain it, but you could just feel the presence of the Lord.  

Every time I walked up the hill to Gabriel House. Or woke up and someone was shuffling into my room. I could see Jesus. He is working in each of their lives doing amazing things. And I look at them and at all He is doing and can’t help but learn from them.

Funny, I was supposed to be teaching them. Oh how they taught me.


One response to “Teacher that was taught.

  • Holly Jenkins

    Isn’t it funny how through children we learn so much? I am so glad you had a wonderful summer. I know God has so much in store for your life. I am sure it will include children, and the light of Jesus that you radiate as you impact more lives. I wish you all the best this school year.

    In Him,


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