5 days

Its hard to believe it but I’ve just got 5 more days here. As of now, Ill be heading saying my goodbyes and heading to San Diego on Friday. Its crazy to think that its been about 11 weeks now and I’m lauching into week 12.

As I have taken a couple moments to reflect on all my time at Gabriel House, I am overwhelmed by the goodness of God, His faithfulness, and really just all that He is doing here. I love and am blessed to be a part of it. And as I hear and pray through the plans for this place, I wish I could be here to see different things come to happen. Its just an exciting time right now, the ways that the Lord is moving in this place. I love it! Maybe Ill be blessed enough to come back over Christmas break again…

Nevertheless, the last couple days… and the days to come have been, and are sure to be FULL. Yesterday was Alex’s birthday. If you didn’t know, I don’t know how. It was precious. We took 12 of the kids to La Bufadora for a couple hours. He had already told EVERYONE. 35 times. As we were hanging out there he got really sad and worried he wouldn’t get to have a cake because it was getting late. No worries. Cake, gelatina, and present right as he walked through the door. We will be posting a list of all the kids birthdays so they all know and are celebrated… yessss. 

Adele is here with her daughter, and her friend so tonight we took the Chly, Ely, and Sonja to church. Chly has been kind of depressed lately so it was really good to get her out and also to do so away from a bunch of screaming children! Adele brought down all these home videos of the kids from all the times she has come. Its so crazy to see all that the girls were doing….  

So as I launch into my last week of this summer at Gabriel House I ask for your prayer in a couple things…

For Gabriel House: financial provision, and workers to finish work in the boys dorm and breezeway (having it will not only give us more space for the kids we have now, but give us space to take more kids), therapists/workers to do therapy with the kids, for another intern/missionary to come down (I am the last one)

For me: for the last days to be rich and purposeful (both for me and the kids), for discipline in studying, for the transition out of Gabriel House, teaching, parenting, Mexico, etc, and back to being a student at Baylor


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