Dear Midnight,

I just poured myself a coffee in hopes of meeting you later. I have to study for the GRE and with all that has been this week, those hours have escaped me. For this week the days have been rich, and each night and morning my apartment has been full of children. But I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I want to remember it all…

I want to remember Teddy and Tono sitting in their wheelchairs at my kitchen table with their hands thrown over their heads, smiles from to ear to ear.

I want to remember how many times Tono has told me he got to spend the night… and how many times Alex has told me he is going to tonight… just on the way home from church.

I want to remember laying in bed with Nene and Pilar reading to them about Queen Esther, their heads resting on my shoulders—overwhelmed by the love the Father has for me, and has given me for them.

I want to remember when Ruben pushed open my door—just one more prayer, another hug, and another kiss, to go to sleep.

And yes I missed ‘my’ time with Jesus the next morning since the boys were early risers, but I want to remember the sweetness of spending it together—worshipping with dance, reading the Bible Veggietales style, and praying with the faith of a child. I don’t ever want to forget that.

I want to remember the days we took twenty something kids to the park.

I want to remember all the times we went to church—their joy. The way they love Jesus. The way they worship Him without inhibition.

I want to hold onto the joy of our new teacher Karen, and how when I asked her what she thought so far, she smiled real big and said they so happy.

And I want to remember how during ministry time Tonio with hand lifted high looked up at me, then wrapped his arms around me… ever had the Father speak in such a way?

So Midnight, we shall meet in an hour or two. And maybe a couple more times in the next week. But to be able to make such memories, I would meet you every night if I had to. Hasta Luego.


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