Park Day

We have an amazing group here. They are nursing students and one of them today caught an infected abcess on one of the kid’s heads for us that we were able to go and have taken care of. Its like having 6 more interns. They are just here to do anything and everything and they want to do anything and everything. They asked if they could come at 8 now because they noticed the ladies might need more help getting kids ready for the day… wow. And they love the kids so well. This also means I have 6 more people to do things like take kids to the park.

So today we took two trips taking 13 kids to the park. And 9 of them weren’t the ‘usual’ kids that get to leave. It was awesome.

And how sweet my night came to a close. I tucked in Josue and Ruben, read a Bible story and said our prayers. About ten minutes later, I heard the tiptoes of little feet. Ruben couldn’t go to sleep yet. We needed to pray together again. What more can you ask for?

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