Just some other stuff that is happening at Casa Gabriel… that hasn’t made it into my blog yet. Teddy and Tono are helping me fill in where I might have left things out.                                                              

fui alcampamento juege   mucho.dormi . gracias hilary te extrano .teodoro;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;lllllllllllllllllllllllllll;l’.

lunes me duermo casa de anna. martes joshua.—- Antonio

For those that don’t speak spanish or might be confused, that translates… I went to camp. I played a lot. I slept. Thanks Hilary. I miss you-Teddy. …..Monday I am sleeping at Hanna’s house. Tuesday with Joshua. —Tonio

Its now the new thing that two kids a night sleep over at my place. Its awesome. Hilarious at times. Marcos and Sergio last night, these two tonight, not sure tomorrow…

Last week Hilary, who spent a year here pouring herself into this place teaching school etc, came back and took Teddy to a sleep away camp. Big Deal. Also awesome for the kids to get to see her again.

When the school year ended and Conafe came to visit and give the kids certificates, one of the teachers under the director met the sisters and some of the other kids in the preschool class. She now comes, on her own, every Friday to give a class to the sisters and is going to continue and wants to teach what was the preschoolers too! Ask the Lord of the Harvest. I feel like I have been the nagging old lady that you read about in the new testament. But He is so faithful.

When I met up with parents in San Diego they so lovingly blessed me with the study book I needed for the GRE, the entrance exam for Grad School that Ill be taking, oh you know a week and a half after I get back. Thus, now studying every night. Pray for me. Its an adventure and oppurtunity for my discipline and perseverance to grow eh?

Lastly I ask for your prayer in something. Because where two or more are gathered in his name and ask for something He is faithful to answer.  And I usually don’t ask these things via blog, but really want to see Him move. Jose, Alex, and Tono want to see their sister. Its not new, but we have been trying to get her to come or to take them out… and need the Lord to move in her heart or some heart to make it happen. But He is powerful.


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