World Changers

This week has been soooo full! Full of groups and visitors that have come- I think we might have had 4, maybe 5? Full of joy. Full of blessings. Full of life. I can’t say it enough. These kids are amazing. And they so brilliantly reflect the Father. Every time they smile… you can see Him smiling. Every time they throw their heads back in laughter you see the joy of the Lord. And as they just sit there in your arms looking up at you, it is evident that they also have His peace. Its beautiful.

Whats even more beautiful is that its not only me that gets to see Jesus in them. But also the 4 0r 5 groups… this week. Who knows how many lives have been changed by these kids over the years. Or from where all they have come or to where they return. Many come from the US and Mexico (that alone spanning quite a bit), but there are even some from Canada, and just the other day a guy came in from Ukraine. Even within the groups from the US you meet people from everywhere from Oregan and California, to New York, Maine, and Arkansas. So lives are changed. Little by little, worlds are transformed. Some keep coming down year after year, or month after month, or week after week. And then there are those that are given vision by the presence of the Lord in these kids, that He then leads them elsewhere, to another part of the world. I can’t help but think about how these kids hardly even leave Gabriel House. And most of them don’t even talk.

But they are changing the world.


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