Preschool PLUS

So today might have in fact been the best day of preschool EVER. Free play went long since everyone was having so much fun and behaving so well I lost track of time and then the lesson time went by quickly since I normally plan for chasing kids and time-out (none of which happened today!)

I found these sock puppets the other day which are PERFECT for preschool–Jaime got the bird, Ruben went in attack mode (I was the subject) and Pilar had a whole imaginary world for them all. And then as always the girls made their way to play-doh and art, and the boys to the blocks. Jaime thinks its the funniest thing in the whole world when Ruben tosses a block in the bucket. He laughs so hard that everyone else starts laughing too. He’s working on doing the same but it doesn’t quite have the same effect yet.

Also, I found out that next week the new teacher for CONAFE for next year is coming to practice teach! I am so excited that I will get to meet him or her and help them out before I leave! Please be praying for that transition as I begin to transition out. In the next week or so I will have to start talking to the kids about me leaving and when I will be… (August 13th to the States, fly out the 16th, head back to Waco the 18th)


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