Jose’s 18th Birthday

Today was Jose’s 18th Birthday.

Today He went from being a boy to a man.

At Gabriel House, the kids usually only know its their birthday if we tell them. And it gets celebrated kind of when the cake group comes once a month to celebrate the birthdays for that month. Its the best way to do it. Typically everyone would tell them Happy Birthday, and we would sing.

But today, Jose turned 18. And 18 is a big step.

All the ladies chipped in and we must have left at least 3 or 4 times to go to the store for stuff for the cake and gelatina. It had to be perfect. And it was.

We decorated the room. Jose took a shower and got all dressed up for church and came in to Feliz Cumpleanos! He got hugs from all the kids. It was precious. He was so happy. Pancho talked to him about becoming a man. We prayed for him, and then we lit the candles and he blew them out….

Oh and then everyone ate sooooo much cake. The kids get cake or ice cream from time to time, but they get small portions and one helping. Nope. Today was special. BIG piece of cake and flan. And seconds. Jose ate as much as he wanted. Somehow they all still ate dinner too?


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