Kids leaving!

It might be the biggest thing that has happened at Gabriel House since the beach group started coming. Teddy is going to camp. A sleep over camp. For three days. And it gets even better. Hilary is coming back to take him. Tomorrow. We started talking about it Monday, so they would know what was going on, and when I came in this morning Jose was sooooo excited. Not that he’s not excited about Hilary, that wasn’t it. Teddy is leaving tomorrow he told me. And then he started to sign praise God. I told him three days. And he started clapping. It was too funny. All day he and Alex have been telling me how he is leaving and celebrating…

On the flip side, my heart breaks for Josue. Yesterday his mom was supposed to come at noon. Its a bad situation. He waited for her until nine o clock at night. This morning he was really mad and he hadn’t even gone with them. They ended up showing up, but every time he leaves and comes back its really hard on him. Its like he’s being left all over again. He prays for them every time we pray. Pray for them all too?


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