Proud of who they are…

Im proud of who they are. Im proud of who they are becoming. I just love these kids so much. I love the way that they love Jesus and the way that they challenge me and others to do the same.

Yesterday we went to church with all the ‘little’ ones–all the ones I had last summer. Everyone is getting to know the kids and getting used to having them there now. It really warms the heart and brings such joy to see them love on the kids and the kids love on them. Josue sat with a lady near the front and showed her what it was like to hug through every song. Marcos found all the kids. Ruben sat with one of my friends and taught her how to jump and clap (on beat might I add) through every song with the most joy and peace you could imagine in a kid.

I switched up school just a bit moving Sergio up to primario and moving Jaime into the preschool. Usually Josue and I fight with each other all of free play. But today, he just wanted to read to Jaime, to take care of him, and to help him out. Oh the tenderness of his heart. He teaches me a lot.

Today I put Thelma on the trampoline to do some therapy, but with Tono and Marcos, she doesn’t really need me. Hanna, look, we have to jump small because she gets scared but we can give her this ball because she really likes it, Marcos told me. The boys played ball with her for almost an hour–just like two brothers playing with their sister. Loved being a part, but more than that, just loved watching them love one another.

Cleaning the classroom the other day I found a couple kids’ Bibles that were a bit more advanced than what the boys had been using so I gave one to Teddy and we talked just a bit about reading it. There he was this afternoon sitting outside, Bible open soaking up the word of God. Not too many things I’d rather see…


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