Beach Week

This week has been beach week, which might very well be the best week of the year at Gabriel House. Quite possibly even better than Christmas. For everyone. Some of the kids have now gone three days.

Although the boys and the other kids get to go out a lot more now, it used to be that going to the doctor’s office was a big deal because aside from that, they only got to go to the beach. One week a year. This group has been coming for about ten years. And each year they faithfully come and they take ALL the kids to the beach carrying along about 8-10 a day. They paint, play, and do activities in the morning, feed them, get them ready for the beach, take them out on a raft, then give them a bath, change diapers, feed them dinner, and bring them back ready for bed. AMAZING.

Wouldn’t you say they look happy?

Victor isn’t always a big talker, but oh how he loves the beach. He would chant playa playa playa and got soooo excited. One of the guys from the group walked him up and down the beach for the longest time. They started out before anyone else and I finished up with them after all the others had headed in. He was sooo happy. Oh the simple things in life.  

This group loves well. They love with the Father’s love. Like Jesus loves.

And then today I was at Gabriel House while they were all gone and another group came to hang with the kids for a while! As most of you guys know the boys make earring that they sell to help out Gabriel House so I pulled those out. And today this group bought all but two pair! That is absolutely awesome except that our ten year beach group didn’t get their pick yet… oops.

On a completely different note, please be praying for baby Maritza. She left Monday for the hospital and is now in Tijuana where she had surgery on her heart to correct the problem there (planned surgery). She is in critical care with a 24 hour nurse. Pray for complete healing of her heart as well as her lungs–that the Lord would heal every part of her in a miraculous way. We have a healing God who says that when two are more agree and ask for something so it shall be. Lets ask for this.

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