San Diego and back again

Well… Im back!

I spent the last three days in San Diego with my mom, dad, and brother. We went to the beach and the zoo and all around the town really just enjoying the city. What a weekend!

But now, Im back at home in Ensenada and am joined by my family! It is so great to be able to share my love for these kids and this place with them—for them to get a glimpse of the pure joy that these kids have. And when you find something or someone (or a lot of someones) this amazing you want to share them ya know? 

And then since this week is the week of the beach group, we came back to find 8—think 8—boys gone to the beach. Have you ever had your brother or son gone for a day or evening? You know how quiet and calm it gets? Well imagine if you had 8 leave. It was AMAZING. So quiet. So calm. So nice. We took Pilar and Nene with us to eat lunch (Nene kept trying to drink out of our empty soda bottles since I wouldn’t let her have one…) and then finally had a chance to get Jaime in the pool. Oh how he loved it—he might have been the easiest and best one in the water yet. Each time I started to take him out… mas mas… and then once we got up above he kept asking for the agua. My mom and I got to take the girls in too and Nene swam for FOREVER. It has been soooo great to get to work alongside my mom with the kids, to learn from her, and just to watch my family interact well… with my other family.

When the boys rolled in from the beach I went outside to meet them. Alex gave me a big hug and then signed to me, I prayed for you, for you and your family. Now where are they? I want to meet them! I turned around to see Tono telling me and asking me the same thing. I love these guys so much. And how great it is to have everyone here. Together.

2 responses to “San Diego and back again

  • Holly Jenkins

    I am so glas that your family got to spend time with you. What a fun time you all must have had. I am sure your mom and dad were thrilled to see you in action with the kids. I know they are proud of you and the way you love the kids and share Christ with them in all you do. Have a great rest of the summer.

    In Christ,

  • Uncle Jeter

    Had a great lunch and visit with your mom last Friday (7/23)… Loved all the stories of your work and the time they shared with you… Thinking of you and always in our prayers… Jeter

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