2.5 converts

I have recently begun reading Too Small to Ignore  by Dr. Wess Stafford (highly suggest it especially if you work with kids, but really regardless) and thought I would share the opening of the introduction. It stole me.

Late one evening D.L. Moody, the premier American evangelist of the 1800s, arrived home from speaking at a meeting. Emma, his wife, was already asleep. As her exhausted husband climbed into bed, she rolled over and murmured, “So how did is go tonight?” “Pretty well,” he replied.”Two and a half converts.” His wife lay silently for a moment pondering this response, then finally smiled. “That’s sweet,” she replied. “How old was the child?” “No, no, no,” Moody answered. “It was two children and one adult! The children have their whole lives in front of them. The adult’s life is already half-gone.”

The kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these, Jesus said.

I am convinced by the kids at Gabriel House that He is changing the world through the lives of children.

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