I can tell its been a good day…

As I walk out my door and up the door to read the boys a bible story before bed, I can tell its been a good day. Maybe we had our moments, my patience grew a little, and a couple kids hopefully learned something in the process, but those moments are but memories and lessons from which to learn now.

My kitchen floor still has bits of pancake from this morning. Since today is Tuesday it was cooking day, and the boys decided to make pancakes. Though one sadly had to miss out today, the others were able to learn how to mix, pour, and flip pancakes. And then, to eat them together… using good manners of course. Gentlemen I told them. You guys are gentlemen, and thus you can’t be eating with your fingers and holding your bowl to your face! Its a process. They had syrup on them.

My sink has the dishes from preschool. We finished up the 5 senses today–topping it all off with the mouth. I wanted to have them compare yucky tasting things with good tasting things but since I have seen them eat a stick of butter could not think of anything for the yucky category? Instead we went with salty, sweet, and spicy, tasting a bit of salt sugar and salsa befor eating something salty, sweet, or spicy. And they got it!

Just outside the patio is covered in chalk from the waiting time and my towel hangs over the rail to dry after swimming. I would testify for aqua therapy and I haven’t even finished undergrad yet. It has finally warmed up and heated the water up enough to put the kids back in again so get in we did. For starters, Alex who never talks and hardly ever really even makes noises, came down and immediately both loudly and clearly yells AGUA! what?? AGUA! Once in we continued to get him to vocalize different things. Jose followed taking to the water like a fish, finally able to do things in the water where gravity places fewer limitations. Like walk. And in moments with noodles under his arms he was swimming laps around the pool! And it served our others well too. Especially since a half hour in the pool left Josue hardly able to keep his eyes open by the time I made it up to read. Success.


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