Substitute Teacher

Remember all those times you had a substitute teacher? Or your child did? And it was aweful.

Well my kids know nothing of the such.

Friday I ended up running kids to the hospital for appointments in the morning but didn’t want the boys to miss more school since we hadn’t done anything thursday either. So I managed to get permission and leave Luis and Joshua (my helpers) in charge of teaching/coming up with activities for the boys. I gave them the teacher Im not going to be here and if I don’t get a good report we are having a serious chat talk, and then managed to give Luis a few directions before running out the door. I was SO PROUD of them (kids and teachers alike) when I came back to find them outside eating snack at our regular time and able to give me a whole list of things they had done. Given nothing was truly educational, they had all behaved well, received attention, and activities for the whole time and that alone is awesome among kids who might fall apart if they sit in the wrong seat or write with the wrong pencil. Anyhow, they LOVED it. I think I may try it again when I am gone on Friday in the States.

Speaking of which, my family is coming!!!!!! Friday I am going to San Diego to meet my parents and brother for the weekend and then they are going to come down and spend a day or two with me at Gabriel House. My dad came down when I was with Real Life Ministries, but no one has come since being at Gabriel House, and it will be amazing to share with my American family the joy of the Lord that I found in loving on and being loved by these kids here. Pray for them as they come and go?


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