Today was shot day. A couple doctors and nurses came to check all the kids in case they were sick and update them on shots as well as give EVERYONE flu shots. I had gotten mine in January so didn’t have to get one, but pretty much everyone else did. Poor Marcos (who didn’t even have to get one) saw a needle when we walked in and RAN to the farthest end of the house crying. The other boys all said that they didn’t hurt but they were all looking at me when they got poked… I saw the faces they made.

Thursdays are church. And just before the offering is passed I scramble to give each of the boys a coin or two. They desire to give. It doesn’t have to be much. Between all of them there might be a dollar. But they are a part of the body and with joy they give all that they have just received. As I watched them tonight I couldn’t help but think of the widow’s offering that Jesus talks about. She came and put in two little coins worth almost nothing. But as Jesus pointed out, her offering was worth more as she gave out of her nothingness. Of course as the Lord brought this to mind Sergio turned around with the saddest look on his face and opened his hand to reveal his coins. He had missed the basket. What pure hearts.

Blessed are the pure in heart for they will see God. Matthew 5:8


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