Ruff n Tumble Boys

Recently I was listening to one of my home church’s sermons in which they spoke on parenting each gender. As they spoke on boys, they divided them into two basic personalities: Ruff n Tumble and Sensitive. As they described each, I thought to myself, I spend tons of time with these kids, but I don’t have a clue what they are since they often don’t have the oppurtunity to really choose activities etc.

Today I found myself laughing on the trampoline with Jaime, Teddy, Marcos, Tono and Joshua. They are all Ruff n Tumble. Someone brought by a bunch of little balls today and it became a war enclosed by the trampoline net. At first I wanted to slow it down. But there wasnt a one of them without a smile on his face or not throwing the balls. Oh to just let them be boys and throw things at each other. To hit each other with something and it be okay. Maybe thats horrible. Maybe Ill regret it tomorrow. However, they got to just be regular boys for a while.


One response to “Ruff n Tumble Boys

  • Holly Jenkins

    You did good Hanna! Let them be boys if they are having fun and no one is getting hurt. Hope you are having a great time, and I am sure God is using you in mighty ways.

    In Christ,

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