Tuesdays are our cooking days. And ever since we decided that pizza would be the food of choice this week I have been asked about it at least three times a day. The conversation goes about like this: Child: Hanna, are we making pizza today? Me: On what day do we cook? Child: Tuesday. Me: Is today Tuesday? Child: Nooooo.

Nevertheless today was the day.


After today, I told Angelica and Martin, we have helpers for the kitchen. They did so good! And all I did was tell them how much of each ingredient to add to make the dough! They mixed and meaded, and spread sauce and added cheese and cut and added cheese, ham, pineapple, and cucumber (special request from all the kids, Im not just trying to get in extra veggies).

I asked them what they wanted to make next week. The vote was unanimous. Tortillas de harina. (flour) I vetoed it. Mine are still sueco and don’t always taste right. Maybe I should have clarified… cooking non-mexican foods? The others are better taught by a Mexican.


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