Good behavior.

Saturday JJ from the Rock came and brought A NET for the trampoline!!! It is truly by the grace of God that none of our kids have broken a bone or fallen off yet. SOOOOO grateful.

Today I woke up with allergies that led to a migraine. So all morning I prayed that God would just relieve me of it all. Instead, the kids all behaved amazingly! None of my helpers were here today so it was just me, but I don’t think I have ever had ALL the kids work the whole class without any problems? We started multiplication and then made earrings and Marcos even sold three pairs! And amazingly preschool followed as such! I don’t think anyone even went to time out. Which in preschool is HUGE. We started senses today and they all sat at the table and made eyes to see and we played eye spy. AFTER our circle time! Sometimes they just surprise and impress me. Such a blessing to have such well behaved children.

Though the sun was out this afternoon it has been too cool all morning to swim. So instead I went up to the big house to read. Afterwards Marcos ran in to turn on the tv, but as I asked all the girls if they wanted to watch more tv, no one did! They just wanted to read! Success.

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