Prayers of a child

Ever since the group set up the pool on my patio last week the boys have been asking me when they could go swimming. And the answer has been the same time and time again. When it gets warm enough. Monday and Tuesday I still had on a fleece aka not there yet. However, as I was talking and praying with Marcos Tuesday night he really wanted to go swimming. He always thanks God for bringing out the sun. So then he looked up at me and asks- Hanna, can I ask God to bring out the sun tomorrow so it will be warm enough to fill up the pool and start swimming?

YEAH! More than anything I want the kids to learn the Lord’s promises and the truth in them. We talked about how God listens to him and is in control of the sun etc. And then I joked with him that if it came out and we had to fill the pool I was blaming him. The next morning he ran into the class. MIRA MIRA! LOOK LOOK! I prayed and the sun came out. About that time Renie walked in and told me to go ahead and fill the pool. Haha. So our summer of afternoons in the pool has began. Day 1 was a little chaotic but the kinks have been worked out and am looking forward to many more days in la berca with the kids!


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