When you were little did your parents ever twist the truth just a little so that you would be excited about something that really was… well not necessarily different than the norm? Mine used to always change the clocks on New Years. We still would go to bed at 9 but we thought it was actually midnight. Here we feed the kids cucumbers for dessert. Vegetables. For dessert. Exciting huh?

Thursday we finished school complete with a pizza party today, so technically we are on summer vacation. Technically. But our kids need all the schooling and structure and activities they can get. Almost everyone agreed. But when I mentioned to Teddy that we were still going to have some type of school you would have thought well… I had taken away his summer vacation. haha. oops. Thus we now call it ‘escuelita’ and everyone is more excited than ever. Don’t get me wrong. Our ‘escuelita’ is fun filled and more activities that work. Today we did some math and then made earrings. Tomorrow is spanish and then they will decide on something to cook and figure out how before doing so. Once it warms up, they will get to go swimming in the pool from Renie that the group set up outside my apartment and it is HUGE! Life jackets will be a must. So I’m all for ‘escuelita’.

Among the other children, Sonja is not doing well, so I ask for your prayers that she will be able to eat and that she will be able to breathe more easily. Pray for wisdom for those in charge of her health.


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