Full yet amazing.

Every day seems to be packed soooo full.

And. it. has. been. AMAZING. rich. life-giving.

I love this life.

I find the Lord opening doors around me. And I am so grateful as I walk through and am blessed. And build relationships and find community among believers. I am blessed to sit with the three sisters on the beach as we watch the tide come in. I love the way His presence overwhelms in the place on the beach where the ocean and the mountains meet. Sitting there with the girls, them worshiping with the group for a bit and spending time with other teens–that is the life. I am so grateful for the time I get to spend with the boys. They are amazing. Each morning we pray and I ask the Lord for open minds, that they might not only learn about the world but also about Him, and that they will have a growing desire for Him. Oh how rich to sit and watch their overwhelming eagerness at the bible school at the women’s rehab we went to this afternoon. They yearn to know Him more. How sweet.

I treasure my time with Juanita and Jaime and give thanks for them. They are teaching Sidney and I how to cook and meanwhile how to love Jesus better. The Mexican culture is one of complete genorosity. This couple are such a man and woman of God that long more than anything to serve Him and to teach others and with such eagerness! What life it gives!

May I not ignore the hard times here. The trials. Those things with which we go before the Father with eagerness. For He is one who listens. And responds. For they also offer such testimony to His faithfulness. For those things that I cannot share until they come to pass. And for those I ask your prayer. And for the rest of the summer and what it may look like– I just found out today that we have two more days of school!


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