Church x 2

As of last Thursday I am now insured to drive. Thus, I can take the kids to church or to the park or can help with anything else. The doors are opened even wider than before and I plan to run right through them. But, since the group was coming tonight to take all the kids to church, when I mentioned it to Angelica I thought I’d wait a week. However, she suggested we go ahead and take them.

Why not go to church twice in one day?

We only took three, but with Nene, Pilar, and Ruben, three may be enough. They did soooo good this morning. However, at GH sometimes I forget the ways that they are different. I see their abilities. And we have all accepted each of them the way they are. And though the church was welcoming, other 6, 7, and 8 year olds sometimes don’t know how to respond. For the truth is, even when they are behaving well, they are different… But the beauty is that different is amazing. And the Lord made them both fearfully and wonderfully.

And church was followed by a picnic at the park complete with tacos and playing and oh how happy we are were then! I. Adore. These. Kids.


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