Im a baker.

Believe it or not I’ve become a baker. In the last week and a half or so Ive made rice krispies treats, funfetti cookies, and chocolate chip cookies. My roommates should be so proud.

However, I always have to have help. I always need help putting the ingredients in the bowl, mixing, taking the cookies off the sheet, and cleaning up. And I can usually find it. Haha. Most of all though, I need help eating all these desserts! And that– thats NEVER hard to come by…

Yesterday I made the mistake of mentioning to Teddy that we might make chocolate chip cookies today. That means one of two things: 1. Im hearing about it alllllll day 2. we are making them. However, it was the boys’ turn to make a postre but its kind of hard to get them down the stairs to Hilary’s old apartment where we bake cookies. So instead I decided to dive into the chaos of making them with ALL of the kids up at the big house.

They LOVE to touch and eat everything. They licked the bowl where the butter had been. Halfway through, I couldn’t find my list of ingredients so I asked if anyone knew where it was… Jose pointed to the slobbery wad on the floor. Pilar had tried to eat the too. Oh dear. Nevertheless, we made it through, everyone (from school) participating and didn’t even hardly make a mess!

Almost everyone made it in the pic!

Then Ely and went down to the apartment to bake them–we laughed at how much calmer it was without all the other kids there. Ely is my age and just like a normal 19 year old, but can’t hardly move. So with a little help we did the rest of the cookies together, listened and sang along with some music, and looked at pics. She is soooo much fun to hang out with! And just hilarious at times 🙂


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