They say that when you have your own kids you begin to agree with your parents and to understand why they did what they did. Well, I don’t have my own kids. Or at least technically speaking, the 32 at Gabriel House aren’t really mine. However, without parents, I often get to fill in that role and thus have gotten a ‘head start’ if you might say on understanding my parents.

Today it was a cat. A cute little kitty. I don’t like cats. But it followed Annie and Alejandra to GH and when I came up from lunch it had found a home under one of the boy’s beds. NO. It cannot stay. Take it outside. But can’t we keep it? Please? Can we take it to school? Please please please? No. Outside. The cat goes outside. But it loves me! Look its following me. No. Run away (Teddy on the other hand picked it up by its tail and tossed it!) The whole time we were in math it was CLIMBING up the door. Look Hanna! Look! Can’t we please keep it? You can keep it at your house… No. No. No. 1- talking to the wrong person, 2- the answer is still no. Its name is Manuel. Yes. We will call it Manuel. No. You are not naming it. Not keeping it. No.

All the while I felt like my father. I couldn’t tell you how many times I brought home puppies. Who know how many times we passed them at Petsmart and I clamped my hands together with the sad eyes PUH LEASEEEE? The answer was always no.  I used to always tell myself I would say yes. But then again this was a cat. Maybe he was right after all though huh?

Nevertheless it ended up with Angelica.


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