Now in the hands of our Father…

May I begin by saying our God is good. And He is faithful. He is in control of all things. “The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it; for he founded it on the seas and established it on the waters.” Psalm 24: 1-2 And oh how He loves us. Thus, I will never cease to praise Him.

Nevertheless, when those days come in which He chooses to take rather to give, I cannot deny the difficulty nor the heartache. Today has been one of those days. This morning while I was keeping baby Lucy, she stopped breathing and then went on to join our Father in Heaven. Now, she breathes easily, and rests healthily in the hands of our Father.

So we mourn her loss. She blessed each of us greatly even in her short time with us. We all miss her. And love her. But we trust in the Lord for He is good. As Angelica was telling the boys, she is dancing with the angels in heaven!

Please do be praying for Angelica and Pancho and the GH family…


4 responses to “Now in the hands of our Father…

  • Regina

    I am thinking of you and sending a big hug. Love, Regina

  • Holly Jenkins


    I am so sorry to hear about Lucy. Your wisdom about our loving Father and Him being in control are right on, but that doesn’t lessen the grief. Just remember to let Him carry you all through this difficult time. My prayers are with you and the rest at Gabriel’s House. Continue to do God’s work in an area that He has obviously drawn you too. You are truly a light in that part of the world, and your love for Jesus is evident.

    In Christ,

  • Mom


    All day long you and baby Lucy and the caretakers of Gabriel House have been on my heart and mind. How grateful I am that our Savior is so well-acquainted with grief and can walk closely with you. Dad and Justin and I just gathered to pray for you before dinner. Know that we love you dearly and are so thankful that God is with you when we cannot be.

    Under His Wings,

  • Susie

    You and Lucy along with everyone at Gabriel House are in my thoughts and prayers. I am constantly amazed at God’s love.
    You are such a gift to all of us who are lucky enough to know you. Please remember that there are so many people who love you and pray for your continued strength and guidance.
    Blessings, Susie

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