School Days

Lucy came home yesterday! And look how precious she is J The pneumonia is gone and the phloem is much better though she still has a couple medications and vitamins she is on. She also gained 800 grams which brings her up to a massive 2.8kg. Tonight I’m keeping her to give Angelica a break. I can’t complain…  Pray that she keeps gaining weight like so and that her immune system continues to grow stronger and stronger as well.


We got internet today. It was hilarious. The computer has been in the class for almost a week, but we actually set it up and connected it today so that the kids will be able to use it. I pulled up a video of the solar system and though they were just watching it and have used computers before you never would have known by the way they stared. Teddy can now tell you allll about what he watched. Little about what was read to him, but lots about what he saw on the screen! First though we all drew out the solar system together

In preschool yesterday we read a book about a frog (sapo) so ALL of us worked together to decorate it! However, it was a little difficult for Nene every time we talked about the sapo. Especially once we put away her beloved sapos. As Chuy put it, its not really a day at preschool without Nene and her sapos! Also, we have started learning our alphabet. We say the letter, sign it, and the a word and motion: a like avion vroom! Today Ruben picked up the letter A, said ‘a’ and signed it! OH my gosh! He is learning!!!

One response to “School Days

  • hilary

    ahhh she’s back! and she gained almost 2 pounds…wow. that is awesome.
    i love hearing about school, too…that’s great that they’re learning their letters!
    thanks for posting hanna!

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