Everyone Poops.

Preschool was soooo good today! We are catching onto the routine, sitting down on the floor and singing when we get in the class, everyone is playing… nicely mind you, and lining up to go outside or back to the house. And for the story, we all sit so great. Almost everyone even made craft today! Score! I was so proud of them 🙂

Today our book was about what moms don’t do best. But the one thing they do sooo good is they love us. So afterwards we made hearts that said TE QUIERO (I love you) and decorated them to give to the mamas. Tonight when I went to read with the boys, Sergio brings me his and starts telling me to tell Lupita that he wants to thank her for being his mama and always taking care of him. And that he loves her. I love the moments like that… they are truly Precious.

On a much lighter different note, one of the funniest things happened today. I apologize if it bothers you, but im with 33 kids… Victor pooped so much that it ruined his shorts and and the blanket and pillow that he sits on in his chair. They had to throw them away. However, when I went to go get him to push him in to eat, Jose (who though he doesn’t actually talk completely communicates) became VERY mad at me. With his hand he started yelling at me NO! He pooped all over everything and made a huge mess and they had to throw it all away. He does not get to eat! It took a bit before he would let us past and I had to remind him that everyone does indeed poop. That does not mean he should not eat 🙂

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