Sick babies

This morning I went to visit Baby Lucy and Jose Manuel in the hospital. Lucy sounds a bit better, but I have not real idea as to how she is doing. And as much as I want her to be back at Gabriel House, I know that she receives better health care and more attention there. Its better sanitized without 30 some odd other kiddos running in and out. Please be praying for complete healing of her lungs, for growth, weight gain, and wisdom for Angelica and the doctors. Jose Manuel had to go to the hospital night before last I beleive since he still hadn’t stopped throwing up even with medicine. Poor baby 😦 However even with tests thus far we don’t know what’s wrong with the precious munchkin.

This afternoon some of the boys came down to read. They get soooo excited which is kind of funny since Marcos used to live here. However, it was hilarious to watch them knock on the door and run/roll away while Sidney would answer it. Just kids being kids in a normal setting. I love the simplicity of the joys of childhood.

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