The rich life.

Hilary left today. It was sad to see her leave, but at the same time amazing to have gotten to go full round being here when she both came and left and getting to see all that the Lord has done through her in this place. She fully pours herself out into the kids, and is so much more than just a teacher–a friend, a mom, a doctor, a pastor and so on. What a woman of God. I am sure the Lord has amazing plans for her!

When Angelica told me that we weren’t going to go to church tonight though I thought it might have the potential to be really bad–Hilary left and no church–all in one day. But I told her that I read to them and she said she would throw in cookies so it went like this: We had juice and chocolate chip cookies and then dance and sang to the same songs we sing at church. Precious. Some clapped. Some sang. Some danced. Here’s a video.  Love it. And then I read to them, but won’t even lie, sometimes its hard to keep them focused on Charlotte’s Web. However, afterwards I began to tell them a story about this man named Noah that loved and obeyed God even when everyone else didn’t. I told them how God told him to build a big boat and take two of every animal. And then the rains came. AND THEY ALL LISTENED! Its so amazing to tell them these things because many have spent their lives raised at GH in a christian facility and in the ways of the Lord, but know nothing about Him or bible stories. Their eyes get sooo big. And afterwards just like always we pray.

Its sweet. Its rich. Its life. I love doing it with them.


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