Day 2 at school. I am not a teacher, but by the Lord’s will am quickly becoming one. It’s definitely a challenge with kids in the same class that are on completely different levels, but  it is such a joy. There are so many things to be proud of each day. So many little things to look at and to celebrate. All the kids in the 1st grade really do want to learn and I am convinced that those in the preschool can do so much more than they let on… now just to figure out how to draw them out! But isn’t that always the question?

If I had an all star award for the day I would give it to Jose. He started off hard. Really hard. He wouldn’t even play bingo, so I was worried that there may not be any recovery. But gracias a Dios, he worked with his stencil, and when it came time for the activity found more pictures than almost everyone else! Even better though was when he completely surprised me during math. He had been laying out the coins to count numbers so I showed him how to do the same thing but add them… it was just an idea. He did it all on his own! I was so proud of him!

At any given time there is no telling what we are doing during preschool… or how into the activity the class is. It’s a process. Goal for the summer: the kids not only sit for the story but can tell me the name of the book we read. Right now I’m completely okay just having them all seated. However, we played follow the leader and it was hilarious! It was kind of like corralling goats (use your imagination) yet they (with help) stayed in line and we pretended to be trains and horses and planes and bears and cars!

Back at the big house, Darryl came back yesterday. He was here last summer, but left a couple months after I did. He is soooo precious. And look at the wheelchair they have him in! This makes 34 kids! (and there should be a one-year-old coming)


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