I used to wonder how I would make it through being thrown up on someday, but that day has come and really, it just doesn’t matter.

First I got Pilar’s and about the time she was bathed and in bed Sonja had thrown up too. With others in the bath, she just had to lay there literally in a bed of vomit. My heart broke for her as I sat there waiting with her tears rolling down her face. Jose Manuel, just a couple years old, was just as sick as the other two. As I sat with him in my arms my thoughts wondered back to when I would be sick and my desire for my mom. Sigh. I must say there is nothing like rocking to sleep a sick baby—like the calm after a storm. They are all asleep now, but please pray for each of them (Jose Manuel, Sonja, and Pilar), for quick healing, for rest, and that neither the other children nor any of us catch whatever it is they have.

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