Prayer warriors coming up…

God is doing something great here. And I love being a part of it.

Thursday night I joined Angelica and Hilary in taking the boys to church. Simply amazing. I love the way the boys love Jesus, the way they worship Him with all their hearts, and the depth of the desire they have for more of Him.

Last night I spent some time reading the Bible with them…  what I intend to become a nightly event. We read a couple chapters, talked about it a bit, and then we prayed. We gave thanks to God for different things from the day—people, food, the sun, etc, and prayed for Gabriel House, the ladies, each other, and the other kids. I must say—Tonio has the sweetest heart for Jesus. When we were about to pray, he was in the bathroom and someone yelled at him what we were doing. Immediately he scuffled out and across the floor with a huge smile spread across his face and took his place kneeling with hands folded by the bed. What joy! And the same joy today as we prayed for a man that came to Gabriel House looking for food. There just isn’t quite anything like being prayed for by these guys.

I am hoping to find a devotional or kids bible study in Spanish to go through with them but finding one that serves kids 8 through 18 with various abilities may be difficult. If you have any ideas, let me know!

With Hilary leaving this week she wanted to take a bunch of the kids out for pizza, but with 10 kids and most in wheelchairs, bathrooms and seating can be difficult. However, we were able to go to las tres palmas, the ministry site where I used to serve two summers ago and it was amazing! The kids loved being away and being able to run (and we loved that it is gated!) Such a blessing!

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