Sidney and I spent the morning with the ‘preschoolers’ plus a few which turned out so great. We some drawing, played with some balls, read a book, played outside, jumped on the trampoline, and went for a walk. I was soooo proud of them. Ruben and Thelma (who typically grabs everything in sight) played TOGETHER for probably 20 minutes as Thelma would throw the ball and Ruben would retrieve it and bring it back to her! WHAT? Yes. Then they all… well relatively speaking, sat in a circle and listened to Ferdinand the Bull. I won’t lie. I did not realize how long that book was. But Hilary has done such a great job with these kids in the last year!

However, Hilary is leaving in about a week. Thus, from talking with Angelica today, I will most likely be helping with school until it finishes for the summer. Once that is complete I will move into more therapy minus the miscellaneous needs which come and go. I am just so excited about all the Lord has done in the last year and eager to see what He will do this summer! I am grateful to be a part of it…

There is nothing like going to church with the boys. They love Jesus so much. Nor jumping on the trampoline with Ely, Thelma, and Jaime. They laugh and laugh. The joy of the Lord is upon this place.


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