Day 1 all over again.

Its day 1 all over again, Im back at Gabriel House, and Im still loving it just as much as before. Maybe, quite possibly, more. The kids are just as amazing and full of joy as ever. However, as there always are on the mission field, in Mexico, and at Gabriel House, soooo much has changed even since I was here over New Years!

1. I am now living where I used to work all last summer. It has been converted into an apartment that I am sharing with another girl Sidney who is great and is going to do fundraising for GH!

2. The boys dorm is done and thus alll the kids are living on one level. It is sooo good though giving them so much more of a family feel rather than that of a day care.

3. The move is also good because the staff is now half of what they had been. Fundraising is low but everyone is pulling together which is amazing to see 🙂

4. New girl Kimberly arrived about a week ago, and new BABY Ana Lucia arrived yesterday: 4 months old but only 4 lbs! SOOOO cute.

5. Angelica and her husband Pancho have now taken the main roles at Gabriel House supervising and running Gabriel House as Renie and Ted begin to step back. This is such a blessing to have them here as they are such a godly couple who truly love the Lord and the kids so much.

Ahhhh soooo good to be back 🙂


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