Full life=Good life.

Two and a half weeks ago I finished finals. Once upon a time, that meant things slowed down a bit. However, that was only once upon a time. The last weeks have been full… full of friends and family, full of celebration, full of meaning. I moved out of the Mountain, celebrated with my family as my brother graduated with a 4.0, an economics major attending UNC medical school in the fall. Back in Little Rock I shadowed and learned from an OT, said goodbye to my dear friend Sydney as she leaves for 11 months in 11 countries, and  spent a couple days taking Blake around Arkansas.

But now, I am just under 24 hours away from leaving to return to Mexico. I look over at an almost packed bag, and I pray that my heart and mind are prepared for all the Lord has in store for the summer. I am soooo excited. I love these kids a lot. I am eager to return. Yet I must be raw and real… it’s never easy to leave. Whether Waco, Little Rock, or Ensenada, it’s never easy to leave, but it’s not about leaving, it’s about going. About loving. About loving the kids. But more importantly, it’s just about loving Jesus.  And of these things I can’t seem to get enough.

Join me in the next 12 weeks as I go down to Gabriel House. Join me by reading along. Join me praying. Pray for the kids, for health, for patience, for an understanding of the Father heart of God. Pray these same things for the ladies who work there. Pray for financial provision for Gabriel House. Pray for the missionaries there.  Your prayers are powerful.

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