Junior year complete. Check.

Its hard to believe it, but the semester is over. My junior year is complete. Sigh… but what a year it has been! What a semester in and of itself… So full; so rich.

I brought in the New Year in Ensenada, MX, visiting the kids at Gabriel House. Smiles, laughter, love, joy, truth, hope, and childlike faith. Those kids are truly amazing, taking up a huge part of my heart and as the Lord reminded me, His plans for each of them are great.

And then I came back from Mexico running and haven’t stopped since…

Weeks have been full with special needs ministry visiting friends for life each week, deepening relationships with those there, helping with autism supper clubs, and then the dance. Oh the dance. Dances with people with special needs are the BEST.

Spring Fling Dance

Then there is life group and church—oh how rich the community, the relationships, and all that the Lord is doing through this body of believers. People loving God. loving Others. reaching out. multiplying. Church planting.

And Tri Delta… even without SING my schedule often seemed full of activities.

Tri Delta Formal

Oh and let us not forget school? I probably learned more this semester than ever before. It all finally seems to be somewhat applicable as I learned about various disorders and human development. And though I may sound like a nerd I must confess, the body amazes me. For as I study the complexities of the creation and come to better understand more of what is going on in a given moment (though I have only a mere idea) I can’t help but turn my eyes to the Creator.

So now after two trips to Mexico, two down to Galveston, a weekend in Austin for a wedding, a couple trips to Dallas, a trip home to Little Rock, and a mission trip to Edinberg TX, I’ll once more drive the 6 hours to Little Rock before boarding a plane that takes me to San Diego and heading down to Ensenada.

Life Group in Galvaston

Its crazy how quickly the time has flown by. And it’s hard to believe that in a little less than two weeks Ill be right back where I started in Mexico. But what is amazing is that though I may stand there in the same place, I will do so differently having been molded by the hands of our Father over the last four months. For the semester has been full because of activities—a lack of vacancies in my schedule—but it has been rich as a result of the Lord’s hand at work in my life. And for that I am grateful.

Thank you Lord. All glory to you.


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