This is my study break.

I am in this class called Anatomy and Physiology…. I. In it we learn anatomy… its a wonder huh? I have learned all the bones and processes in the body, and am working on all the muscles, actions, and insertion points. Meanwhile we also learn in depth about each and about the brain. And as I integrate other information from other classes I have taken, I can’t help but be amazed at the intricacies of our bodies!

In order for you to see this sentence you are using your occipital lobe. But reading and understanding it also involves the prefrontal cortex which is programmed for fine motor skills and Wernicke’s area which helps you understand what you have just read. And that is just hardly scratching the surface. Crazy huh? I have learned these extensive processes that would take up pages to explain, but no time at all to occur. And the number of bones and muscles in your hands and feet is crazy– there are three bones in your little toe.

Thus, as I study the created, I can’t help but be in awe of the creator. There are more than 200 bones and 200 muscles and processes and functions that we can’t hardly begin to grasp. Yet to him they are like black and white. They are simple. I can study for hours and still feel unsure. He knows every part. Every bone. Every muscle. Wow. Our God is an awesome God.


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