X days and counting until Mexico.

In X number of days I will head back to Mexico. I will get to dive back into the lives of the children at Gabriel House, into the lives of the women working there, and into the world surrounding it. The words coming from my mouth will be Spanish rather than English, the food will change, and the hours I keep will most likely be much earlier and filled with laughter and screams rather than lectures and studying. Even my name tends to change. And I am so excited.

The Lord has engraven children with special needs on my heart. And He has also written on my heart those who in the eyes of a few—in the eyes of the world—are abandoned or unwanted. In some ways it’s hard to write that knowing how much they are desired and loved at Gabriel House and by our Daddy in heaven. Nevertheless, serving at Gabriel House last summer was truly amazing. The desire of my heart. And returning over new years was just awesome. To be able to show consistency in the lives of these children—to show the ladies that they are so valued—to go back—it’s worth every bit.

And now, I have been blessed so much to be able to return once more. 12 more weeks. As I talk to the missionaries there and keep up with blogs of what all is happening, it excites me to join in. The Lord is at work and is doing so much.

I go back in X days. However, I couldn’t tell you how many X is. There is a lot to happen before then. And I love what God has for me here. It’s busy. It’s full. It’s amazing. However, I can’t make it back to Mexico on my own. I need people to pray with and for me. Pray for that the Lord would equip me and prepare me physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. Join me in praying for the kids; For the ladies; For Gabriel House; For Mexico. If you are interested in praying with and for me throughout the months to come or in supporting me financially as I go to Mexico, email me your address I would love to send you more information. hanna_morse@baylor.edu

Now, as those days diminish and we approach our Father, I will return to my studies, my community here, and the ministry set before me. X number of days until Mexico, 2 days until Little Rock.


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