Spring Fling 2010

Last night around 150 people that participate in Special Olympics, the ARC, and Autism Supper Clubs in the area joined us in Russell Gym for our 3rd Annual Spring Fling Dance. It didn’t start until 6 but the eager were there at 5:15 ready to dance. And dance we all did. DJ Craig Smith came and made the night a blast for everyone there getting almost everyone out on the dance floor and the volunteers didn’t ever take a seat!

There is truly nothing like a dance put on for people with special needs. There is absolutely no inhibition. Everyone just dances their hearts out and dances with EVERYONE. Most of them didn’t stop the whole time and unashamedly I will admit they all have better rhythm than me. There was only one girl that told me she couldn’t dance. I kind of looked around at everyone else… mainly our volunteers at that point who looked absolutely ridiculous (yet absolutely amazing never leaving the floor) and then just reaffirmed her that she would be great out there.

I love watching the kids with autism come out of their shells, and befriend everyone out there- dancing with those in the wheelchairs, taking care of them and then becoming best friends with those with down syndrome… dancing all the while. I love how we all can just go dance together and hang out together—as a bunch of people. Because at the spring fling, as everyone walks (or rolls or shuffles their feet) through the door, there are no longer any disabilities but rather a wealth of abilities to choose from as handsome men and beautiful women put their hands together, jump around, two-step, spin around, do the electric slide and the Macarena.

It’s hilarious. Fun. Outrageous at times. Unbelievable. Ridiculous. Crazy. Beautiful.

I love what I get to be a part of and am so blessed by all those that join in.

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