New Mission: Words.

The last week changed my life. And continues to do so.

It’s changed the way I think about missions. About the way I live my life. About the way I am sharing the gospel.

I have often heard it said, and even said so myself, Preach the gospel at all times and when necessary use words. However, we leave off the fact that it is necessary. And for quite some time I have hidden behind this. But this is not the life God has called me to.

Funny thing is, when you tell someone about Jesus, about his love for them, the depths of it, the sacrifice He made, and His immense desire to have a relationship with them, you see people begin to be saved.

For the last week, we lived out the New Testament. Daily. And daily we saw people saved. Whole families—whole households were accepting Christ. Our team shared the gospel in apartment complexes, at the basilica, at a sonic and gas station, and in a park. Those that were hungry ate of the bread of life. They experienced salvation. PRAISE GOD! Men and women were discipled.  Life groups began. House churches were planted.

The vision of Life Group was lived out because you can pick up a life group and place it anywhere in the world and it doesn’t change. Love God. Love others. Reach Out. Multiply. Church Plant.

Love Others

Reach Out


Sure, I’ll still strive to preach the gospel in the way I live my life, but I’m deeply convicted. There’s so much more! And I LOVE it!


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