Your Kingdom Come.

Your Kingdom Come.

It’s the cry of my heart.

It was the theme of last weekend for World Mandate. The Ferrell Center was filled with people worshiping, hands raised, some jumping, some kneeling, some weeping. Lots praying. But all hearing the same message.

Your Kingdom Come.

There is brokenness in this world. And that is the Kingdom of God. Let us run to it without fear. Whether in Waco. Or Mexico. Or Haiti. Or India. Or a jungle in Indonesia. It is the heart of God. He does not desire that any one shall perish.  

We heard stories from missionaries around the world and what the Lord is doing there: the way He is using the least of these to preach the gospel, the way He is setting captives free in the most phenomenal ways, and the ways that he is healing people time after time after time. I love it.

Cool thing is, its not just about being around the world. Isabelle Redford spoke a bit. This is what she is doing. But it is more. It started at World Mandate when the missions conference rocked her parents’ worlds and her mom told her about twins in Haiti who had lost their mother. Something had to be done. And now with an update from them, she has funded 8 homes through her art. And offers more wisdom and insight into the brokenness of the world, the need for the gospel around the world, and the heart of God than most of us. And she is 8 years old.

Lives were changed. Prayers of salvation prayed.  Desires to go ignited in the hearts and soul of many. Commitments made to the Lord. To serve. To surrender. 

I walked away with the same calling—the same desire as always—yet evermore burning in my bones. However I cannot express the difference it makes walking in community with those with the same desires. And so I come before the Lord asking Him the same question some of you have asked me… what next? What this summer? Or where?

And I wait.

Your Kingdom Come. Your will be done. On earth as it is in heaven.


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